Hey to all you cuttlefish lovers (and anyone who wishes to help :3)

My older sister has designed this cuttlefish for a Squishable design contest.

To those who don’t know what Squishables are, they are giant, soft, cuddly toys.

My sister is an amazing artist, but sadly doesn’t have a deviantart or any other websites to share art so she doesn’t have a large group of people to support her design unlike the winning design(s) in this round of voting. I’m really sad because she is super awesome and sweet but is starting to lose hope of ever getting a squishable cuttlefish (which is her favorite animal).

As of now she is barely in second place.

If you can and wish to help, please please please goand give her design a 5.

You do have to have an account to vote though. You can either create one (which is super easy) or sign in using Facebook (if anyone on here actually has one).

Thank you so much to anyone who votes or at least acknowledges this!

vote here!